Stainless Steel Vessels & Other Alloys

LaGrange Products uses stainless steel many other alloys across the spectrum of vessels we build, from heat exchangers to filtration vessels and jacketed vessels to process tanks. Our welding staff is certified in every discipline, and all of our vessels are hydrostatically integrity-tested. Our company is committed to the development and betterment of our products, services and processes.

Stainless steel is the preferred construction material for a wide variety of vessels. It contains a much higher chromium content than carbon steel, and therefore doesn’t oxidize, stain, corrode or rust as easily, and also offers better antibacterial properties. Carbon steel can rust when exposed to air and humidity, and must be finished or lined with a protective surface, such as Teflon, paint, zinc plating, epoxy, etc. Stainless steel possesses enough chromium so that it forms an invisible film of chromium oxide, which prevents surface corrosion.